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My Clinical Practice

Clinical psychologist and member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec since 2002, I provide psychotherapy consultation services to adults using mainly a cognitive-behavioral approach.

Over the course of my career, I have developed an expertise in the treatment of anxiety disorders. I work mainly with individuals suffering from phobias, panic, generalized anxiety and stress, worry and ruminations, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and post-traumatic reactions.

A large part of my clientele also includes individuals who suffer from depression and grief following a separation, death or other loss. My training and experience through the years has led me to treat a number of work-related difficulties as well, most notably, work stress, professional burnout, adjustment disorder as well work-family conflict and role overload.

Finally, I also help individuals who are experiencing relationship difficulties (couple, work, and friends) and problems managing their emotions. Clients consult me regularly to help them improve their assertiveness skills and enhance their self-knowledge as well as to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

My Approach

As a psychologist, my goal is to help you cope more effectively with the difficulties you are currently facing, to reduce your distress and suffering, and to improve the quality of your life. In the attempt to attain these goals, I first and foremost provide a warm and empathic environment for managing problematic emotions such as fear, anger and sadness. Further, I use a cognitive-behavioral approach which is known for its rigour and effectiveness. I also incorporate concepts and strategies from other psychological orientations (e.g., solution-based therapy, humanist approach) in order to offer services that are adapted to individuals and their particular needs.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) fosters the development of new skills and new ways of viewing and reacting to life situations. Interventions aim to help individuals resolve their current problems and prevent their reoccurrence. In a collaborative effort, my clients and I work to identify and understand their difficulties and to establish concrete objectives for therapy. We work together, seeking solutions to their problems and identifying concrete tools designed to help them face the difficulties they encounter in their lives.

My Training and Experience

I was awarded my doctorate degree from the University of Quebec at Montreal and my bachelor degree from Concordia University. Since the completion of my studies, I have pursued a number of complementary training workshops directly related to my clinical work.

During the first years of my career, I combined psychotherapy in the public and private sectors with consulting work in the organizational domain. As regards my clinical practice, I began my career at the Allan Memorial Institute (Royal Victoria Hospital) where I was involved in individual and group psychotherapy. Conjointly, I offered consultation services in the private sector at the Clinique de Psychologie Cognitivo-Comportementale situated in the North of Montreal.

Parallel to my clinical work, I spent several years involved as a consultant in the organizational domain. Specifically, I was coordinator for an evaluation centre whose goal was the selection of management personnel and the development of their managing skills. As coordinator, I was responsible for human resource management and training, evaluation and coaching of managers as well as the development of selection and coaching tools.

My doctoral research focused mainly on work-related problems and work-family conciliation. I was involved in a number of studies investigating the topics of motivation, stress, burnout, depression and health.

Founder of the Clinique de Psychologie Urbania in Blainville, I now devote my time to my clinical practice, to the management of the clinic and to the pursuit of continuous, post-university training programs. I offer psychotherapeutic consultations and follow-up to adults of all ages.

Scientific Publications

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Poulin-Dubois, D., Graham, S.A., & Riddle, A.S. (1995). Salient object parts and infants' acquisition of novel object words. First Language, 15(45), 301-316.

Other Services

I am bilingual and can therefore offer meetings both in French and in English. Please note that I am presently not accepting mandates from tierce payers such as the CSST, SAAQ and EAPs for the time being.

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