Jacques McNulty, Psychologist





My services

I am a clinical psychologist trained at Université de Montreal. I have been practicing psychology for more than 20 years. I have acquired experience in many domains and worked with different clienteles including adults presenting with mental health and psychological issues (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, posttraumatic-stress disorder, low self-esteem, sleeping difficulties, etc.), relationship problems (couple issues, separation, emotional dependency, abuse survivors, family conflicts, death of a loved one, etc.), work-related difficulties (interpersonal conflicts, burn-out, harrassment, etc.) and physical-health problems (cancer, end of life, physical handicap, etc.). I have also worked with adults and adolescents (15 years old and up) presenting with behavioral and substance-abuse issues. I see adults, couples, adolescents (aged 15 and up) as well as seniors. I am fluent in French and English. My approach in psychotherapy is client-centered and integrates elements from the psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral schools of thought. I aim for the shortest and most efficient intervention. I will be more than glad to meet with you, assess your situation and tell you what I can do for you.

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